What Is A Cloche?

What Is A Cloche?

Cloche CandleA candle cloche is a decorative glass cover or dome that is designed to be placed over a candle. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, a candle cloche helps protect the candle from dust and injury. Additionally, it can help contain the fragrance of scented candles, allowing the aroma to slowly release and fill the surrounding space.

The word "cloche" has its origins in French, where it means "bell." The term is derived from the Latin word "clocca," which also means "bell." In English, "cloche" is used to refer to a bell-shaped cover or dome, and it has been adopted in various contexts, including fashion and home decor, to describe items with a bell-like shape or covering. In the case of a candle cloche, the term is used to describe the bell-shaped glass cover placed over a candle for decorative and functional purposes.

Our candle cloches are made from handcrafted blown glass, adding to the beautiful character of each one. Each cloche has a knob for easy lifting and placement.

Using a candle cloche can create an elegant and cozy atmosphere, making it a popular choice for home decor and special occasions.


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Best candles ever. Light and let burn slowly for few minutes and entire house smells beautiful. No danger to pets . All natural. Love them.

Lynda Weingartz

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