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Gold Mica Bronze Tin

Cinnamon Vanilla

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Presenting the Cinnamon Vanilla Glittering 4-Wick Candle in a bronze Tin Vessel. This candle features a mesmerizing gold mica wax that shimmers and dances when lit, creating a stunning effect. The cinnamon and vanilla aroma is reminiscent of baking in the kitchen with family.

This candle is hand poured with premium virgin coconut apricot crème wax and scented with essential oils, clean fragrances and all-cotton lead-free wicks, ensuring a luxurious and clean burn.

Gift wrapped in a simple white box with ribbon, and accompanied with a small apothecary vial of matches, this candle makes for a lovely present for any occasion.

With 16 ounces of wax, it measures 5.6"w x 2.1"h. Light it up and enjoy the luxurious and warm ambiance it brings to your space.