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Addison Cloche Candle

Cashmere Plum

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Our Cashmere Plum love candle opens with the rich, velvety notes of cashmere, invoking a sense of comfort and elegance. Picture the softness of a cashmere sweater against your skin, and let that feeling wash over you as the fragrance unfolds. As the scent evolves, the sweet and juicy essence of ripe plums emerges, adding a delightful fruity twist to the overall composition.

Fragrance Notes
Top:  Citrus
Middle:  Plum, Black Cherry
Base:  Sugar, Light Musk, Amber, Freesia, Vanilla

The pink glass vessel is adorned with a glass heart cloche cover and serves as more than just a striking display item—it's also imbued with botanical elements, introducing a hint of femininity to its exquisite aesthetics.

Our virgin coconut apricot creme wax candle has been designed to burn slowly and last longer compared to soy wax, providing around 10-15% more burn time for the same amount.

This candle contains 12 fluid ounces of wax and measures 5.90" H x 3.4" W, ensuring a generous amount of wax for a long-lasting burn.