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Amelia Z Black Lotus

Amber Musk

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With a blend of spicy citrus, with top notes of zesty bergamot and lively lemon, our Amber Musk candle scent has an undertone of warm amber and subtle woods, creating a robust and dynamic olfactory profile. Carrying a hint of sophistication and masculinity, making it a compelling choice for those who appreciate a strong and sexy fragrance with a powerful and captivating presence.

Notes of:  lemon, lime, French lavender, woods, amber, white musk, cardamom, and fir

This beautiful matte black glass vessel captures the essence of the revered lotus flower. The lotus holds a special significance as a symbol of beauty and spirituality in various cultures and religions worldwide.

Filled with a blend of virgin coconut apricot crème wax, essential oils, natural fragrances and eco-friendly double wooden wick, this candle provides a longer and slower burn than traditional soy wax. It contains 10 fluid ounces of wax and measures 3.46 inches in width and 4.01 inches in height.