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Healing Aura

Cypress and Bayberry

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This upscale scent of Cypress, Bayberry and Birch opens with the cooling vibe of eucalyptus. Middle notes of cypress, moss, and bayberry blend with rich undertones of fir, patchouli, and sweet incense. Fir, patchouli, eucalyptus, and mint essential oils intensify the fresh foliage notes. Cypress and Bayberry brings the the ambience of pristine woods into your home.

Fragrance Notes
Top:  Eucalyptus
Middle:  Cypress, Moss, Bayberry, Pine
Base:  Fir, Incense, Patchouli, Smoke, Tonka Bean

Elegantly crafted with sophistication, this scarlet red vessel emanates a comforting warmth, featuring a wooden maple lid.

Meticulously created with a focus on quality, our candles are lovingly hand-poured, utilizing only the most exquisite ingredients available. The wax we use is a blend of virgin coconut apricot crème, renowned for its slow-burning properties, ensuring a prolonged lifespan of 10-15% more than standard soy wax candles of the same size. The 100% cotton double wick guarantees a pristine, consistent burn.

Measuring at a diameter of 3.75 inches and a height of 6.5 inches, this candle generously accommodates 12 fluid ounces of wax.