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Aurelia Cloche Candle


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Our captivating iridescent candle epitomizes charm and elegance. Carefully fashioned from lustrous, substantial glass, it shimmers with a mesmerizing array of colors, evoking a spellbinding visual harmony. The vessel's iridescence seamlessly blends, mirroring its environment with chameleon-like adaptability.

Our candles are designed with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Expertly hand-poured using only the finest-quality ingredients, the wax is sourced from pristine coconut and apricot crème. This ensures a slower and longer-lasting eco-friendly burn, significantly extending the candle's lifespan by an impressive 10-15% compared to conventional soy wax candles of similar size. Prioritizing safe and environmentally conscious burning practices, our candles feature 100% cotton wicks.

Candle Size:  3.5" dia. x  4.0625"h
Cloche Size:  3.94" dia. x 6.22"h

10 fl.oz. net weight