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Fireside Rosemary & Sage

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Our Fireside Rosemary & Sage candle emanates a cozy and aromatic ambiance with a combination of fireside warmth and herbal freshness. The scent profile includes the comforting and smoky notes reminiscent of a crackling fireplace, blending seamlessly with the earthy and herbal fragrances of rosemary and sage.

Fragrance Notes
Top: Eucalyptus, Pine, Saffron
Middle: Rosemary, Green Floral, Incense, Sandalwood
Base: Sage, Cedar, Amber, Patchouli

The white matte tumbler jar adds a touch of elegance to any setting. The warm golden interior of the jar emits a soft glow when lit, and the electroplated gold finish gives the candle a stunning radiance when unlit.

Our candles are carefully crafted by hand to ensure their superior quality. The use of virgin coconut apricot crème wax in our candles extends their burn time by up to 10-15% compared to standard soy wax candles of the same size. For safe use, we have also included an eco-friendly wooden wick.

Each candle holds 8.3 fluid ounces of wax and stands 3.5 inches tall, with a top diameter of 3.1875 inches and a bottom diameter of 2.91 inches.