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Blood Orange

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The crisp and fresh scent of Blood Orange, combined with hints of green leaves, lemon verbena, lemon, mandarin, and pomegranate, creates a calming and balanced aroma. This scent is evenly infused throughout the candle, ensuring a consistent fragrance experience. The top notes of grapefruit, orange peel, and lemon peel add a tangy and zesty burst, while the base notes of vetiver and cedar provide a grounding and earthy finish.

Our candles are expertly hand-poured with a focus on quality and are made with virgin coconut apricot crème wax, which burns slower and extends the burn time by up to 10-15% compared to regular soy wax candles of the same size. Includes a 100% cotton lead-free wick for safe burning.

The candle holds 8.3 fluid ounces of wax and measures 3.5 inches in height with a top outside diameter of 3.1875 inches and a bottom outside diameter of 2.91 inches.